Southport Airshow 2015

Farewell to Vulcan XH558. The end of the 2015 display season marked the end of the iconic Vulcan’s display life, and Southport Airshow marked another milestone in this aircrafts active life – it was the final ever time it flew in close formation with the RAF Display Team, The Red Arrows.

I’ve always considered the Vulcan to be a beautiful aircraft, and it played a hugely important role in the Falklands (when I was not yet 1 year old) but it wasn’t until two years before the end of it’s flying life that I managed to see it airborne. Two years later, at one of the last displays of the season, the Vulcan stole the show. The Red Arrows with their amazing close formation flying were spectacular, paying homage to the Spitfire to commemorate the 75th anniversary of The Battle Of Britain. The Eurofighter Typhoon put on a phenomenal display, power-sliding through the  sky, cranking up the reheat and creating it’s own clouds. In fact, every aircraft that took to the skies commanded the attention of the huge crowd lining the front, but I have never heard an applause like that which erupted from the seafront as XH558 banked for one final time and flew off into the distance.